Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful year it has been for our family!  As you may have read in our Christmas letter this coming year will be full of excitement as well.  In July of 2013 we will be moving to San Jose to begin a church plant called Basilea. For more information you can visit our website:

This year our biggest news (besides deciding to be church planters) is the fact that we are now free from the slavery of debt!  We finally paid off the last of our student loans and are experiencing the joy that comes from being debt free. The kids are very excited that we now get to start saving for the promised trip to Disneyland this coming year!

Aaron is currently still the youth minister at the Cordova Church of Christ.  This past year he has postponed getting his Masters degree from Fuller while we paid off the last of the debt. It has been a sacrifice, but we hope that he can restart again soon paying for each class in cash instead of taking out student loans! This year the student breakfast has been a wonderful place for Aaron to connect with students from the local High School and Jr. Highs.  

Diego & Indigo
I, Amy, keep myself very busy with homeschooling the kids as well as babysitting two sweet boys three days a week.  I have also taken up teaching a couple of classes for a local curriculum store. I've loved teaching Art Appreciation as well as Home Management this fall!

Grace is a third grader this year and loves homeschooling.  She adores Diego, the baby we get to watch and is such a helper.  I don't know what I would do without her!  Her favorite subject is Spanish, which she does on the computer with the Rosetta Stone program.  Her other interests include art, reading and crafting. She is such a thoughtful and tenderhearted child. She is easily brought to tears when hearing of the misfortunes of others and is always making cards for others.

Noraa is in first grade this year and also loves being at home.  Though school can sometimes be a bit frustrating for her she is glad that she is at home doing it! Her favorite subject is Language Lessons. She and Grace are best friends and they have so much fun learning and playing together.  Noraa is extremely creative and loves crafting too.  She is constantly making things for friends and family, and goes through a roll of tape in a couple of days!

Sam is an energetic four year old.  He loves to come in the school room during school time and do his own worksheets. He says his favorite subject is math.  Three days a week his best friend Indigo comes over to play and he recently stayed the night at his house! They love to play trains and build things together.

May this year be full of laughter and joy for your family!