Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

As I sit and drink my morning cup of coffee (which isn't what I was hoping it would be... I was spoiled by my husband buying me a pound of Starbucks Christmas Blend!) I think about some of the cute things my kids say and do.

This morning I was taking Grace to preschool and I stopped to pick up her little friend Ethan. They were totally cracking me up. "Hey, Ethan, we are girls and we are in love. We are girls in love!" Phrase repeated by Noraa and then they hold hands and sing "I Know You" (Maybe there's a bit too much Disney in our house!) "Ethan have you ever seen Prince Caspian? I saw part of Prince Caspian, but I can't tell you about it because it's really really really really really really scary!" Ethan, "I can listen to scary stories because I'm a boy and boys are really big and strong and powerful, and we are so powerful because God is a boy."

In the mornings our California King sized bed seems so much smaller. Grace, Noraa and often times Sam all come in to our bed to "cuddle". The other morning Grace woke up before Noraa and I was nursing Sammy in bed. Grace loves to be close to her brother, REALLY close. She was getting frustrated and said to me "Sometimes it's hard to cuddle a baby when a Momma is nursing him."

This morning Gracy made me laugh out loud. One night when her daddy was gone I told my girls that we were going to have a pajama party. We watched a princess movie, ate popcorn, had hot chocolate and ate a few m & m's. It was Grace's dream come true. Ever since then she wants to have a pajama party every night! Last night we finally gave in again since our last one had been over Christmas break. I put on Disney's Robin Hood and made the popcorn. We had to turn the movie off before it was done, and this morning I'm sure you can imagine what was the first thing on Grace's mind: finishing Robin Hood. After cuddling for a while, she came bounding back into our room and asked ever so sweetly, "Can I please watch the rest of Little Red Robin Hood.?"

I love those moments. The moments where Mommy and Daddy look at each other with that knowing glance of "our children are so precious". Or moments of discipline when it's all you can do to not laugh out loud and your spouse makes it harder to be tough. Or those times that you see your spouse reflected so clearly in your child. Those are the moments I live for. That instant when you feel so much love you think your heart will burst. It's in these sweet moments that I am reminded of why I do endless loads of miniature clothes laundry, wear shirts that by the end of the day are crusted with drool and who knows what else, prepare meals only for the food to be scarfed down and the sink piled high with dishes once again.
In the words of Sara Evans "These are the moments I thank God that I'm Alive, These are the moments I'll remember all my life, I've found all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more..."

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am an Alias addict.

Aaron and I just finished watching the fourth season on DVD today. Though we didn't watch it as quickly as we did season three, I would still consider it "record time" for a Grad school student and full time mom!

There are SO many crazy over the top fight scenes and some pretty insane story lines, however in spite of this I keep coming back. Aaron wondered why I liked the show so much, and then he started watching it with me. It's almost like I'm living vicariously through Sydney Bristow. She is so cool. It's not just the fact that she's cool, it's so much more than that. She wants to do what is right. She's strong and talented. She's very confident and knows exactly what she's doing in life. Can you imagine if Sydney Bristow came to Christ? Wow! Talk about a dynamic person...

That's it for my silly thoughts on Sydney, I'm sure I'll have more to say once I finish season five next week...Ha! Just kidding, it will probably take me more like ten days!


Yesterday I wished I was Sydney Bristow. I had just finished working out in the pool and was going to sit in the hot tub for a few minutes before heading out to get the kids. Some creepy guy was making eyes at me and struck up a conversation. He began by asking me if I spoke Russian, then proceeded to ask about my wedding ring:

"What is that?" Him, with a thick Russian accent

"It's my ring..."

"Left hand, do you have husband?"


"How many?"

"um???? One!"

"Oh, only one?"

"Yes, only one!"

"Do you have children?"


"How many?"

"Three. Um, Bye"

At that moment I wished I was Agent Bristow, because I would have replied in Russian:

"Oh, and by the way, I do speak Russian you filthy pig!"

Monday, January 12, 2009


To all the beautiful women that read my blog:

I recently came into this article written for the new dove campaign. I love that they are teaching and empowering women to embrace the body they have been given. God has designed each of us perfectly. There are no mistakes. I pray that as you read this article you are reminded of what makes you, YOU! For me, it's the Mankey belly, the Coate ears, and the weird hip joint (where did we get that one dad?) For my children it may be those same traits with an addition of the Churchill golf swing, and the Redelsperger round face! No matter what the world may say, I know who I am and I know Whose I am. Thank you Lord for blessing me with an amazing family, incredible heritage and the children to carry on my legacy. May it be reflective of You with each generation!

Finding Beauty in Legacy and LineageBy Liz Schau 2008-12-30 I'm in the habit of collecting old things. Old cracked-paint furniture, old colored glass, old classic books. Books are by far the most prized of my collection, because they usually tell me more than one story. I'm getting two gifts in one: the story the author carefully crafted and meant to tell and the story of the previous owner (or owners) – those who have read and underlined and creased the pages and starred favorite poems or chapters all because they felt the author was speaking to them. Aged things pull at me, because even after all of the lives they've lived, with so many families and people and years, they're still pretty, still smart and still relevant to my life. Why should I buy something new, something without back story?I blame my mother for my compulsion to love old things. She's probably not even aware that she's a collector of old stuff, but her decorating style would tell you differently; she's never bought off the showroom floor. Instead, Mom collects couches and headboards and dressers from family members who no longer need them. She collects old pictures, too. They're the kind of ancient family photos that don't allow us to be 100 percent certain of the names of the people in the picture or how they're related to us. All that matters is that the photos have been passed down, and those in them actually look like they're part of our family.It's a shame that my favorite of my mother's handed down photographs is hidden in the corner of my parent's bedroom — it's too dark in that spot to be truly appreciated. Even though I grew up with that photo in our home, I still make a point to stop by and study it when I get the chance. The picture is a black-and-white of five women in prairie style dress. I like it for one good reason: all five women have my face.Today, a lot of us women are working hard to erase our physical lineage — slimming our noses and hips, dyeing and straightening our hair, tanning to no end. Pretty soon, we start looking like no one — not our mothers, not our grandmothers, not any aunt or cousin or family member. What I've realized is that when you start to notice the beauty of a lineage of women and people, you start to forget whatever it is that makes you unaccepted by the media culture's idea of beauty (you're too wide, you're too thin, you're too dark, you're too fair). Beauty standards change by the generation; the innate structure of beauty and smiles and bones do not.Sometime down the road, when pictures of me and my family are passed down to newer generations, I want to be telling the truth. I want my young relatives to see the back story of their own face and body with honesty, not a story of plastic surgery and alterations here and there and not a story that was fabricated in a hospital or a surgeon's office. I want these people to look at me and see themselves: button noses, chubby cheeks, skinny fingers (because even though this all will inevitably vary with new people and romances and births, we still come from the same genes.)For me, prettiness isn't a man-made illusion, something without a back story. It's not hair extensions, push-up bras or lipstick or concealer. Real beauty isn't bought or created. Real beauty is lineage.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a list person. Recently on my friend's blog she listed some things she didn't ever want to forget about her baby. It seemed like a good idea since sometimes the sweet things I'm experiencing with my third child tend to slip through the gaps in my mind!

Things I must remember:

The way he smells after a bath
The way he smells when he wakes up from a nap and he's drooled on himself

The way he cries, so angry when he wants to be fed
The way he smiles when he has a tummy full of mommy's milk

His tiny perfect head when he was born and I saw him for the first time
How much he's grown in the past few months, and his sweet head now fuzzy with hair

How he gets distracted when he's nursing.
How he gets startled so easily when Daddy or Sisters make loud noises. It makes him so mad!

His sweet, wet, open mouth kisses on my cheek
How he squirms when I tickle him, wanting so badly to laugh but he just can't get it out

That the only word that will make him laugh is "bootie"
How precious he is when he "talks" to his sisters

These are just a few of the things I must remember. Lord let me be like Mary and "treasure these things in my heart"
1. His first real laugh
2. The way his ear almost always gets folded in half when he's nursing
3. The fact that he always scratches himself no matter how short I keep his nails
4. Today when he made Grace laugh, seeing him do it over and over again to keep her laughing (amazing for a baby not even six months old yet!)