Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Life

Today marks the beginning of a new adventure for our family. Our "little" family of five has instantly become a family of seven! Last night at 8:05 as the South West flight from Huston (via Denver) touched down, our lives changed. Tana and Grey have come to Sacramento to live with us as Tana goes back to school. We've painted her room and emptied it out of all our belongings trying to make a cozy place for her to call her own. For Grey and the children it is a bit of a different story. Grey (or affectionately called "Buggy" by his cousins) had his own room before and is now sharing with three cousins who love him too much for words. He's gone from being an only child to second youngest of four! I know this transition will be difficult for him, and we are going to do all we can to make the road smoother, but your prayers would be appreciated.
When I think about our day to day, lots of questions come up. But through all the questions comes a quiet and calm peaceful answer that families have been doing this for hundreds of years. We are no different than all the families that have come before us. Four children in one bedroom? For 90% of the world, it's done every day. They have to share their toys? ~gasp~ (they have more toys combined than should be legal!) We have to sacrifice our own personal comfort? ~bigger gasp~ These things should not be foreign to us, however they are... we live in a society that thinks we are crazy for having seven people in our humble three bedroom home. Maybe we are crazy, but I tend to think we will all be better in the process of learning how to deal with one another.
So please pray for us, not for "patience" or "transition" or "ease" but rather that Christ would transform us into who He wants us to be through this joy that is loving our family. I'll keep you updated as to how He is refining us!


Haley said...

I will be praying for you all as you adjust to find peace in your new lifestyle! You guys are such a blessing to open you home. How long will your "new family members" be living with you guys; I think you told me at one point but I can't remember?

Sarah said...

Miss Amy, you continue to amaze me every time I read your words of wisdom. I miss your sweet spirit with that awesome undercurrent of sarcasm. :) Aaron and I are starting to make some changes - simplifying to get out of debt and looking into a new career path for me - and I've been so unsettled about it b/c it means deciding to let go of my precious DVR and Blackberry and fancy salon shampoo and yada yada yada. Your blog today gave me another reminder that I don't NEED those things. They're nice to have but ultimately they are of this world are just not important. God will continue to bless your family and to use you to bless those around you! Thanks for sharing your stories!

Elise said...

Just stepping in to quietly whisper... I'm praying. This will be a beautiful time- you will look back with such fondness! I'm praying for peace, wisdom, and inspiration for those "close" moments. :)

(And may I recommend?) Edith Schaeffer's "What is a Family?" Chapter 5 (A Shelter in the Time of Storm) popped into my head when I read your post... this period of time is part of the whole of life... it's a portion of time that counts...

It's a wonderful read- if you have any spare time at all! :)

I send love, Amy!