Friday, December 4, 2009

The truth of Christmas

Last night as I was putting the girls to bed I told Noraa she could pick a Christmas story and told Gracy she could choose our Bible story. We finished reading "The Night Before Christmas" and then Gracy started flipping the pages of her children's Bible looking for her selection. Noraa sweetly whispers to Grace..."sthister, pick a Christmas one!", To which Grace promptly replies, "Silly Noraa, there aren't any Christmas stories in the Bible."
Oops. How did my five year old not know the reason for the season?
So I gently opened the Bible to the beginning of the New Testament and said, "Actually Grace, there is a Christmas story in the Bible. In fact, the reason we celebrate Christmas isn't because of Santa Clause, presents, or the fun lights and trees, but because Jesus, God's own Son came to earth to be with us. Because we don't know when He was born, we choose to celebrate the day He was born, on Christmas"
Then I read to my children one of the greatest stories ever told... the true Christmas Story.

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