Thursday, August 28, 2008

Male Nesting

Whoever said that "nesting" is something only pregnant women do has it all wrong. As you see from our previous posts, we are expecting this child to make an appearance any day now. Aaron is just as anxious as I am and hence has started "nesting". Last week, he took three days off work to landscape the front yard that has been the eyesore of the neighborhood since we moved in a year ago February. My computer which has been prehistorically slow for over a year now has recently been re-formatted, and suddenly there's a need to move the desk from the spare room to the kitchen. Not that I am opposed to any of these changes in our household; it just makes me smile knowing I'm not alone in wanting our house to be a home for the new little one growing inside of me. In fact, his "nesting" serves as a great reminder to me of the altruistic heart that dwells within the man I married.
Well, I sign off with toilets & showers to scrub, floors to be vacuumed and other menial household chores waiting to be done...somehow a woman's "nesting" just doesn't seem as glamorous!

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