Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time Bomb!

If you've ever been 39 weeks pregnant you know what I'm feeling right now... tick, tick, tick, tick, tick... When will this baby arrive? Will my water break? Will it be at night, or after a well rested sleep? Will I deliver on the side of the road like Jenni? Is it a boy or a girl? After Friday when I thought I was headed to the hospital, I'm so done anticipating! Friday the contractions were 15 minutes apart all day long and in the evening they were even about 10 minutes apart. Of course around 12:30am-1:00ish they tapered off and totally stopped. Grrrrr. Now, I just don't care! This baby could stay in until his 18th birthday for all I care! (okay not really, but can you tell that I'm moody and a bit apathetic?) Well, seeing as though this is my very first blog entry on our happy family page, I'll end on a much sweeter note.
Every morning as I'm laying in bed I use Aaron's iphone and play our baby the song by Jon Foreman "In My Arms". It makes me long to hold this sweet baby in my arms, look into it's sweet baby face and realize the Majesty of our God. That He allows us to play a part in creating and bearing life is truly amazing and I am so blessed to be able to participate in this grand cycle of life! Blessings, Amy


Anonymous said...

have that baby! :)

Just us 3 said...

Hey Redelspergers,
Welcome to the blogging world. It's addicting and kinda fun. Can't wait to see your new bundle of joy.

Elise said...

Till "his" eighteenth birthday??? Guess we'll see... :)
Saying prayers for you, friend- every day that baby stays in there is another day "he" grows stronger!
Love to you!

Anonymous said...

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