Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hmmm... still waiting!

Well, I was wrong! It's Thursday night the 4th and I'm still pregnant. It may not seem like much to everyone else, but to me it seems like an eternity! My poor sister in law who was seven days and 23 hours past her due date... my respect for her has grown beyond measure. So because this morning I was so emotionally and physically exhausted and borderline "depressed" I decided to GET OVER IT! We picked up Grandad from the airport and I decided that I would be content and plan out my weekend. Tomorrow we will go to Funderland with the kids, this will of course take all morning, then we can either picnic or come home for lunch. The kids will take naps at which time I may be able to talk Aaron into taking me to the cheap movie at the mall. Aunt Mary will arrive in the afternoon, so our evening will be spent catching up with her. Saturday we will go wine tasting at the winery we are members at in Shenendoa. Aunt Mary LOVES wine and I can't wait to take her tasting. Note: always take a pregnant woman with you when you go wine tasting, it's a built in designated driver!!! That will take up most of Saturday, so then that leaves me Sunday which needs no planning! It's already full enough on it's own. Monday I have my appointment at which time they will decide if I need to be induced! So there you go... I have no time in my schedule to be cranky or anticipate the arrival of little Sperger! Thanks for the prayers!

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Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so glad you've decided to not be sad. you may as well enjoy your last few days before the baby comes. just relax and be with family. consider a gift that God has given you that you get to catch up with everyone before the craziness starts. :)