Saturday, September 20, 2008

Need to Blog?

I feel this compelling need to blog, so I sit down at the computer to write and my mind goes blank. There are a number of things that I would love to blog about; however none of them seem to be of any substance that others may want to read about. Then again, isn't that what a blog is for? It doesn't matter really what you write as long as you are writing about your thoughts and your life.
Today our family also started a "video blog". We each took a turn sitting in front of the camera telling what is going on in our lives. It was a kick to see Grace cheese it up for the camera and tell her version of what's happening in life. 20 years from now when we are showing her future husband these blogs she's going to be so embarrassed and Aaron and I will have tears in our eyes as we see our baby girls grow up to be lovely ladies. We plan on "video blogging" every six months. Wow, how fast we change in six months! I can't wait to have the girls thoughts on camera.
Today also marked a change of schedule for me as Sammy is two weeks old now and I will begin to schedule his feeding times and nap times. I always love the first two weeks when I don't watch the clock but just focus on being there for every little whimper and cry. I know though that continuing this pattern is unhealthy for Sam and that in order to truly get good rest he needs a schedule. Babies and children thrive on knowing routine, so I will give that to my son. It worked with Grace, it worked with Noraa, and for the sanity of our family I will work it with Sam.
Aaron commented earlier that Samuel is my "Joseph". I told him this was not true and parents are not supposed to have favorites. However, I will say this: loving my son is different than loving my daughters. I can't even really explain it quite yet, but I just know that my bond with my son will be somehow different from the beautiful relationships I share with my girls. Each of my children are special in their own way, and I am SO blessed by their individual personalities. I cannot imagine my life with out them!
Well, I suppose that's about it for now. I have company coming in an hour and 15 minutes. This means I need to get the bathroom cleaned as well as my kitchen floor mopped and the living room de-cluttered of toys before they all arrive. The kids are all sleeping so I'd better get on it!
Mommy of three=Super Mom!!!!!

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