Thursday, December 4, 2008

Communion/Giving Thought

Sometimes I am pondering the things of God and I come up with what I think would make a great communion thought. Until now I've never really had a way to voice those thoughts where others might benefit from them. Not that my thoughts are in any way profound or deep, but they are my tiny insights into God, and I think they are pretty neat!
This morning I was wondering what my son's love language will be as he grows up. Aaron and I had been discussing the day before what our older children's love languages were and it lead me to think about Sammy's. As I was thinking through the five love languages I realized that God himself not only speaks all five fluently, but receives love by all five as well.
Extended Time- When Christ walked the earth, he not only took time to be with his disciples for some quality time together, He also made sure to carve out time for the Father. The fact that God gives us His full attention whenever we need Him is pretty amazing. Giving quality time is easy for God, sometimes it's not so easy for us.
Physical Touch- When Jesus healed the sick did He take a few steps back, pull out a magic wand or potion and stay out of the situation? No, he TOUCHED people. The blind man, the leper, the girl who was already dead...even the woman who touched the hem of his garment knew the power of the touch of Christ. How many times have you ever really needed a hug and a Christian brother or sister was right there for you? Even today He is reaching out to touch us in a very physical way through the body of Christ.
Words of Affirmation-"I will never leave you nor forsake you" "I am with you always..." "I am the Good Shepherd" He speaks to us daily affirming His love for us. And Oh, how He loves to hear us say we love Him too! Our praises are a sweet sacrifice to Him.
Gifts- Does our Father know how to give good gifts or what? He truly blesses us. The gifts that come from our Father are beyond compare. I often times try to reflect on the giving of His Son/Himself and the magnitude is too great. And what can we give the One who has everything? Nothing really, but in doing so, in giving to God we are communicating our love for Him and to Him. It's like the gifts our children make in Bible class... to some they are insignificant, but to the parent that receives it; priceless!
Acts of Service- Here is where He makes His mark. What greater love than to serve the Church daily through the outpouring of His Spirit? And our service to our Maker is different for each and every one of us; however do not doubt that He hears your love. Big or small, your service to Christ means more than He can say!

And there you have it folks, my thoughts on Gods' languages of love. How amazing that we once again can parallel the marriage relationship to Christ and the Church!

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Audrey said...

It's so great to be in contact with you again!

Ben and I agonized over the whole school thing for awhile. We have some pretty good charter schools here and that is what we were leaning towards because I honestly didn't think that I could do it. My mom volunteered to school Bailee and at first I said no, but I'm so glad that I changed my mind. Bailee loves it and is learing SO much with a Bible focus which was very important to us. And my mom loves teaching her. I'm so thankful that I had that option.

I'd rather not put my home address here, so if you'll email me, I'd be happy to send you my address. If you include yours then I can also send you our Christmas card. My email address is

"Talk" to you later!