Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Christmas Update 2008

Hello Everyone and thanks for visiting our blog!

This has been a great year for us and as you can see from our page here, the addition of Samuel to our family is the most noteworthy. He was born September 5th 2008 and since we didn't findout gender ahead of time was quite the surprise! What a joy to have a son.
We have all been keeping pretty busy this year. Here is the year in capsule from each of us.

Aaron: He continues to amaze me every year. This year he has been working very hard keeping up with the youth ministry at Cordova as well as launching a new ministry that will begin in January. Under his guidance we will be starting a new small group ministry we call mgroups in 2009. It's exciting to see him teach the training for the leaders and members for these small groups, and it makes me so proud.
He has not only been busy with work at Church, but also here at home. Our front yard had weeds taller than me before Sammy came to us this fall. Aaron (and some teens from Church) took a few days to landscape our front yard. After eight truck loads of dirt were taken to the dump it was time to plant some foliage and lay the beauty bark! It took some time, but it looks amazing! He also laid a drip line from our sprinker system to water the plants. The back yard is a work in progress and he has put in many hours already tearing out all the "volunteer" trees and clearing an area for my garden next summer. We love our home and the fact that we are so close to the church building.
Aaron is also excited to have started graduate school this year. He took his first class at Harding grad school, and is looking forward to many more on his way to a Masters of Divinity.

Amy: I have been keeping very BUSY this year. Being a stay at home mother of three is a full time job, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I so enjoy my children (at least most days ;) and love being home with them to see them learn and grow in the Lord. I attend a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group on Tuesdays which is a much needed break from my busy week. It's a time to visit with other mommy's and be refreshed. I am teaching twice a month in a preschool co-op with some friends from Church. It's been a wonderful experience and I hope to continue next year for Noraa. Having Samuel in September was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I delivered naturally, and thankfully he made his entrance to the world rather quickly. Although I had been contracting off and on for a few days the first "real" contractions started at midnight on the 5th. He was born at 3:18AM! I never knew having a son would mean so much to me.
Since having three children four and under, being a youth minister's wife, and a preschool teacher isn't enough for one woman to juggle I also just recently took on the role of "nursery coordinator" at Church. Though it adds a lot to my schedule I am honored to be in charge of making sure our littlest souls at Cordova are loved and cared for properly.
That's about it for me, but check in with me periodically on our blog here to see the latest!

Grace: Grace turned 4 this year and measures everything by being a "big four year old now". She attends the preschool co-op that I teach in twice a week and is learning so much already. She can write her name, and daily amazes me with how she is grasping the concepts taught in pre-school. She is totally in love with her baby brother and does all she can to help mommy with his care. She LOVES Christmas and is in awe of all the fun things the season brings. Our Church puts on a Christmas play and she has enjoyed watching the rehearsals and learning about the birth of our Savior.

Noraa: What can I say? She is our character! Noraa is in her own little world most of the time, and just enjoys life. Now 2 years old she is learning about asserting her independence. I think this is a good thing right??? She loves playing with the Polly Pockets and will sit at the table dressing and undressing the dolls for an hour! It's one of mommy's favorite before dinner activities!

Samuel: As I mentioned earlier, Sam is such a joy! He is such a good baby and when he smiles he brightens up the room. One of the things people comment on most is his name! Samuel Harrison Churchill Redelsperger is a big name for such a small boy, but we are confident that he will grow into it!


Haley said...

You guys are one busy family; but it's so neat to see that the things that are keeping you guys busy are all focused on the Lord and growing your relationship with him in some way.

Maridy Carpenter said...

Hey Amy, Just found your blog. It was great to read about you and your beautiful family. God bless you in '09.