Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a list person. Recently on my friend's blog she listed some things she didn't ever want to forget about her baby. It seemed like a good idea since sometimes the sweet things I'm experiencing with my third child tend to slip through the gaps in my mind!

Things I must remember:

The way he smells after a bath
The way he smells when he wakes up from a nap and he's drooled on himself

The way he cries, so angry when he wants to be fed
The way he smiles when he has a tummy full of mommy's milk

His tiny perfect head when he was born and I saw him for the first time
How much he's grown in the past few months, and his sweet head now fuzzy with hair

How he gets distracted when he's nursing.
How he gets startled so easily when Daddy or Sisters make loud noises. It makes him so mad!

His sweet, wet, open mouth kisses on my cheek
How he squirms when I tickle him, wanting so badly to laugh but he just can't get it out

That the only word that will make him laugh is "bootie"
How precious he is when he "talks" to his sisters

These are just a few of the things I must remember. Lord let me be like Mary and "treasure these things in my heart"
1. His first real laugh
2. The way his ear almost always gets folded in half when he's nursing
3. The fact that he always scratches himself no matter how short I keep his nails
4. Today when he made Grace laugh, seeing him do it over and over again to keep her laughing (amazing for a baby not even six months old yet!)


Elise said...

I love that *almost* laugh- it's more like a grunt, right?

Aw, I love your list. I wish we weren't so forgetful, cause I know there is so much more I have already lost, but God knows... yes, let's treasure them up.

I send love, friend!

Haley said...

This was a really sweet post; and keeping the list on your blog is great because then we can all remember the sweetness!