Monday, March 23, 2009

Potty Training

So we are embarking on the adventure known as potty training. Someone shoot me! I think Potty Training is one of the best methods of birth control known to Mommies around the world. (This and sick kids that crawl in bed with you and snore in your ear all night long, fussing when you roll over because you are no longer holding them)

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids and I love being a mommy, but there are times that I see others sleeping in and I get a tad bit jealous. When Grace turned three she was a terror. I thought we would never make it through, but six months later she was back to her angelic self again. I know it's my lack of sleep typing right now (hence the disjointed thought process) and that in a few days when the kids are feeling better, and we are back into our routine this will have passed. And when Noraa is finally using the potty this will all be a fuzzy memory of laundry and Potty Power songs. In the mean time, I think the only thing that's going to keep me going is prayer and an attitude change. So for my sake and for yours I thought I would make a list of ways to get through potty training!!!

Things to Remember When Potty Training:

1. They will not be in diapers forever. No matter how long you think it's going to take, in the grands scheme of things it's really not going to be very long at all!

2. Make it positive. Anything in life can be seen as a negative or a positive. Keep your positive attitude by realizing that when this is over your days of wiping poopy bottoms are coming to a close!

3. Make it fun. Have a potty party with some kids who are either already potty trained or on their way. Have prizes for each child that uses the potty during the party. Serve salty snacks and LOTS to drink. Have them do a parade in their underwear (take lots of pictures for scrapbooks) Also make sure you have your party either outside or on floors that are easy to clean!

4. Utilize your resources. Read LOTS of potty books. One of my favorites is: Have You Seen My Potty? You can check them out from the local library and ready them daily. I also really like the video called Potty Power. It has a bunch of really fun songs and talks directly to the kids about making a decision to say good-bye to diapers.

5. Pray. The Holy Spirit lives within you. Sometimes I forget that He cares as much about this kind of stuff as I do. "Cast your cares upon Him, because He cares for you" should be your mantra during this time.

6.Don't start too early. Give it a week, if your child is not responding wait a bit longer and then try again!

I sure hope this was helpful for you. I know that I was reminded of timeless truths while writing this. Trust me, Noraa thanks you for allowing me to vent! Good Luck!

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Haley said...

you can do it; you can do it! Like you said; it does come to an end eventually! Let me know if you need any help with anything while your working on potty skills!