Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Are Family...

Today our little Buggy and his precious Mamma are headed home. Tomorrow morning the grandparents drive back up to Washington. What a fun time the cousins have had together and the great memories that have been made. Four of the six grandbabies all in the same house as GranJan and GranDad make for lots of Betsy stories, yummy breakfasts, playing outdoors, trips to fun Sacramento destinations, and not a few time outs!
I know that I've been silent in my blog for a while and it's for a good reason! It is due to being slightly overwhelmed by the love of family. I have loved having them here and I'm excited about the future of having them here full time.
I was blessed to have my sister Alicia here for a few days before she starts the monumental task of packing her family of five for the long trip home to Africa. Even before her flight left the crowd began to trickle in. Our sweet little three bedroom two bathroom home was at one point housing six adults and four lovely children. Needless to say, tomorrow morning it will seem very quiet around here.
Thank you Lord for the blessing of family. Thank you for your blood that binds us together even more tightly than the bond of family relations. We are richly blessed!

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Haley said...

I'm so glad you got a good visit in with your sister before she head back to Africa; spending time with sisters is so important. We totally have to get together and share pictures now!! And I'm also glad Aaron's family was able to come for a visit; there is nothing better then having a house full of family and love, though having the house back to "regular" size is nice too!! Now, when does your hubby head home?