Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So recently I heard about a book called "Confessions of a Slacker Mom" by Muffy Mead-Ferro. I decided that I should check it out from the library since I tend to have some "slacker" tendencies of my own. I LOVE this book! There are lots of things I really like about it, so here is the list!
1. It's short. Because it's only 137 pages, it's a very quick read. In fact I read it during two interrupted nap sessions yesterday and today.
2. It's well thought out. Though it's all just thoughts from a mother of two, you can tell that this book was a labor of love for her. She's reflective which leads to a bit of sentimental reminiscing (which I love). In fact it tends to read a bit like a blog!
3. She's NOT a professional. She's not trying to be the next super psychologist telling you how to raise your kids, she's just a mommy sharing her epiphanies, and who doesn't need that every once in a great while!
4. She's funny. I love the titles of her chapters, and her sense of humor. Even her sarcasm comes through a bit in the book! It's a fun read. My favorite chapters being titled: Just dip the whole thing in bronze, The world isn't childproof, Don't make me mad and Toys aren't us!

So, if you have a chance, look it up at your local library (or click on the link above and get it for 75 cents!) and give it a read. It's definitely worth your time, however interrupted it may be!

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