Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today as I was doing the dishes and Grace was sitting at the table doing her homework, I found myself humming this tune...and counting:
1. My loving, faithful, amazing husband
2. Running water
3. A dishwasher to do most of the work
4. Being able to stay home
5. Children to clean up after
6. The little things my kids say that brighten my day
7. Impromptu to "I love you"s
8. A friend who volunteers to drive you to WinCo at 8pm even when you have a Thanksgiving Day sized grocery list.
9. Money to buy not just the needs, but the "wants" as well.
10. Ears to hear
11. Eyes to see
12. A mouth to taste (I LOVE good food)
13. A nose to smell (even those stinky diapers!)
14. Hands to hold, to work, to play and to love with
15. Smiles (from anyone, but my kids smiles are my favorites!)
16. Laughter
17. Tears
18. Lessons learned
19. Guidance
20. Chocolate
21. A good book
22. The Good Book
23. My Church family
24. Agapeland
25. Potty trained children
26. Not potty trained children
27. Children in the process of potty training
28. Dave Ramsey
29. Finally feeling peace in our finances (because of #28)
30. The peace and quiet of nap time
31. The Divine Hours
32. Confidence
33.Good pictures
34. Friends
35. FaceBook
36. Inspirational blogs
37. Frozen Little Debbie's
39. Newly mopped floors
40. Ipod worship playlists
41. My cozy red down blanket
42. Loosing my baby weight (I know it's shallow, but I'm grateful!)
43. That my husband loves me with or without baby weight
44. Sleep
45. Lists
46. Lists with tasks checked off

to be continued...

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