Saturday, November 7, 2009

Playdate Part 2

So Wednesday we had Ada over and did all sorts of girlie things. Thursday was Hayden's turn to come over. I'm not so good with planning a play date for a boy, so he did some of the same things we did with Ada (minus the finger and toe nail painting!) In spite of my planning or even lack thereof, he seems to have a good time. When it was time to leave, he didn't want to go, and the next time I saw him he kept mentioning that he wanted to go home with us again. This made my day, as I desire our home to be one that all our kids friends find fun as well as safe. A place to be themselves and to know they are cared for.
We cracked walnuts (which turned out to be loads of fun with him. What little boy wouldn't like smashing nut shells with a hammer?), then made vanilla brownies using the walnuts we had just shelled! Grace is so infatuated with this sweet little boy. Ah, the simple life of a five year old!
The pictures I've chosen are Grace and Hayden, watching a video, cracking walnuts and then eating the "Blond Brownies" when they came out of the oven! Isn't he adorable? He is a very polite little boy and I'm glad Grace has chosen him to be her "best friend". (Though I've certainly encouraged her to make "best friends" of all the kids in her class!)

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