Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smudged Rainbow

It's a melancholy day. The rain drizzles from the sky and the slight flecks of them falling on the wet patio give it a cool sheen. Puddles start to form in the low places of the uneven ground, and worms emerge from their earthen homes. The sidewalk chalk is smudged and kindergarten sight words are not so readable now. I love the rain.
Even the sound of cars passing by, sounds fresher in the rain. The smell of precipitation makes me happy. Today my children asked me why it's raining. I told them that "The clouds have too much water in them. When they have too much water, it falls from the sky creating rain. The rain waters the ground which makes things grow. Isn't our God great for creating such a perfect balance for our weather?" The words come easily and it's a simple explanation that satisfies the five and three year old curiosity, but I know there is more behind it than that. Their chatter fades in the background as I, myself wonder at the days before the flood and how the earth managed it's growth cycles then. What a wonder.

My girls enjoy listening to stories of "when I was a child". Their fascination with it makes me smile. I wish I had more memories, clearer recollections to fill that longing they have. It's something that I remember wanting to. To know what Daddy was like when he was a little person. Last night at bed time I was tired, more than a little cranky and generally overwhelmed. I told the girls that I needed to have a "heart to heart" talk with them. Their tendency to not listen, which then leads to disobedience, is not acceptable. We talked about what makes God happy and what makes Him sad, how we learn to obey our parents so that we can learn to obey Him. I proceeded to tell them stories from when I was a child, of times that I had disobeyed my parents. Their eyes were wide with concern when I told them that not only did I disobey and eat the chocolate diet pill from my mother's closet, I also lied about eating it. I hope through hearing the stories they do more than just listen for entertainment purposes. My heart, my prayer is that they learn from my mistakes. I want them to know that we are all fallible and that even their mother who now makes the rules, at one time had to follow rules laid out for her as well. I want them to know in the depths of their souls, that obedience (the first time) is not only a lesson to be learned now, but one that should be carried with you into adulthood. If applied, this obedience can save one from heartache and draw them into a deeper relationship with our Creator.

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