Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family Fashion

Recently my friend Sarah participated in "fashion week" on her blog. She's so chic. I got the giggles thinking of me trying to do something like that! But the more I thought about it, the more fun I thought it would be... so here we go:
Long Sleeved T-shirt (?Mervyns? I've had it since college so I don't know!)
White Vest (Walmart Clearance)
Jeans (Old Navy Clearance)
Shoes (also 10 years old, so I don't remember!)

Long Sleeved T-shirt (Clearanced @ Children's Place)
Jeans (Old Navy-gift from Auntie T.)
Shoes-she didn't get the memo on wearing shoes

Long Sleeved T-shirt (Gymboree hand me down)
Jeans (Old Navy hand me down
Shoes (hand me down)

Shirt (Gap)
Jeans (??)
Shoes (Adidas)

Shirt (Old Navy on clearance at Once Upon A Child)
Jeans (hand me down)
Socks (hand me down)

As you can see, we are a thrifty family, and we love to make our money stretch with hand me downs, but I think we look cute while doing it! Don't you?


Jan Redelsperger said...

Yes you do! I miss Mervyns.....

Sarah said...

What a cute family! It is fun to see what the trends are (clearance, gifts etc.), it's also a great way to take inventory and appreciate what you have :)