Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally Fall

It's finally Fall in Sacramento. This means it's time to pull out long pants, long sleeves, and sweaters. It means lots of soup and bread, pots of beans, apple cider and hot tea. It also means lots of rain! The cooler weather here is not like "winter" in other states. I miss the Idaho winters with the crisp cool air the brilliant fall colors and the excitement that snow will be coming soon. Fall is by far my favorite time of year.

Last week we had a large storm pass through our area, and while the rain was pouring down, I decided to try and teach the kiddos how to truly enjoy the rain. I told them to go get a good book and a cozy blanket, and then we made a "fire" in our fireplace by putting an old cookie sheet on the grate and lighting about 15 different sized candles. They were thrilled, for all of 10 minutes and then trotted off to more exciting adventures (mainly playing "Bolt") Ah, well, at least I got another 20 minutes or so of Sammy's nap time to curl up and read. Someday they will know the true appreciation of rainy weather! In the mean time, I'll make them grilled cheese and tomato soup!

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Jan Redelsperger said...

Another way to enjoy the fall weather is put boots or shoes on them that you don't mind gettng wet/muddy and let them walk and splash around in the rain. We have had some wet weather this past week and it was warm and the kid in me wanted to do a little of that. I did get soaked a couple of times out taking pictures...